Speedometer Pro 3.1.0


How fast are you moving?
km/h-mph-knot-max-average-acceleration-direction, HUD..


Did you ever want to know, how FAST the driver is driving, or what DIRECTION you travel to.
How fast you are ACCELERATING, or what was the TOP/MAX speed on your trip. Then this app has the answer for you.

➔ New HUD [Head up display].

" Works perfect clocked it with some of my cop buddys its dead on. "
★★★★★ - von Mike (14. Juni 2011)


•SPEED tracing
[mph | km/h | knot].

-DIGITAL up to: [999.9 mph | km/h | knot]
-ANALOG up to: [440 km/h | 380 mph | 120 knot]

•HUD [Head Up Display]
Turn your android device into a HUD Speedometer.
Check your phone is fixed under the windshield!!

•Two Skins [classic | digital]
Tip: chose digital skin for best results with HUD

•Trace your ACCELERATION in seconds from
[0-60 mph | 0-100 km/h | 0-30 knot]

3-5 sec from 0-100 km/h.
Family car:
10-20 sec form 0-100 km/h.
① fastest ACCELERATION visualisation

•SPEED ALARM. (♪ audible | ⚡ flash)
Remind, if you drive to fast.

•MAXIMAL | ∅ AVERAGE speed visualisation
Check your max speed,
and average speed since start.

•Travel DIRECTION (compass).
See direction where you travel too.

•DISTANCE traveled. (odometer)
Traveled distance since start.
[km | mi | nmi]

•COLOR chooser
choose your prefered color.

•RESET for
(average speed -
distance odometer,
max/top speed,
top acceleration)

•GPS activity.
Check your GPS signal strength.


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Use the feedback link in Speedometer Pro.


Have fun, slow down, take it easy !-)

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OS:Android 2.1 and up